Dining Tables

Inlaid Burr Elm

‘Orca’ Dining Table Set
This set of dining tables combines toughened glass, inlays, stitches, live edges and ‘bones’ to subtly mimic one of Scotland’s, and nature’s, most incredible creatures. Each table has capacity to place 8, the curved ‘finned’ ends allow the tables to be versatile and practical as well as stunning.

'Orca Dining table

‘Orca Dining table

'Orca' Dining table

‘Orca’ Dining table





‘Lintilea’ Dining Table
An original design, featuring burr elm and maple leaf style inlays. Further lined inlays draw attention to the grain of the wood.

'Lintilea' set

‘Lintilea’ Dining Table

‘River’ Dining Table
Unusual jetties and pools were left on the edges of this exquisite dining table which seats up to eight. Framed with live edges, damaged areas were repaired with shapes resembling river life. Bankings and crossings were inset using inlaid stitches over pure burr to complete the composition.

'River' Dining Table side

‘River’ Dining Table

‘Cere’ Burr Elm Dining Table
Named ‘Cere burr elm’ after the Cerebellum, the area in the brain controlling fine motor skills. A delicate strip of inlaid brass covers the original joint, leading to a bank of symmetrical  elm burr, representing the brain and spinal column. Robin’s homage to a very useful tool.

'Cere' Burr Elm side

‘Cere’ Burr Elm Dining Table

Solid Burr Elm

Aside from its rarity, solid elm is also exceptionally beautiful. The density of the wood is incredible as are the irregular patters of the grain. Hormonal changes cause these ‘defects’ to occur and it takes hundreds of years for them to get to this size or to accrue this density and beauty. Some pieces displayed are not dining tables due to limited numbers of solid burr pieces.

‘Ursa’ Dining Table
Robin has strengthened some more fragile pieces of the table using stitches so it remains intact as it has done for hundreds of years. The shape of the table gives the impression of a bears head and so was christened ‘Ursa,’ latin for bear. Though this burr may have not witnessed the day when bears roamed free across Scotland, it must have been close.

'Ursa' Top

‘Ursa’ Dining Table Top

‘Myco’ Desk
This solid Elm table top is used as the desk in the Wildwood Scotland showroom. It is a limited piece from the same tree as ‘Ursa.’ The dense burr allows for a layered effect while stitches are used to protect vulnerable areas and the desk is framed with a full, stripped, elm limb.

'Myco' top

‘Myco’ Table Top