1. an uncultivated wood or forest that has been allowed to grow naturally

Craftsman Robin Runciman has been sourcing and storing beautiful Scottish hardwoods for the past decade in order to make breathtakingly original Sculpture and Furniture. Having worked lived and worked in the Scottish Borders all his life, Robin has naturally gravitated toward creating art which reflects this intensely beautiful part of the world. Through working with the land as a farmer, these uncultivated interests slowly grew to become Wildwood Scotland, the culmination of hard work and time honoured practices.


License to Kiln

Robin has taken years selecting and collecting trees which will one day make beautiful furniture. Each piece of wood WildWood Scotland uses has been through a 6+ year curing process.

Trees are felled due to age, or fall naturally throughout Scotland. Dependent on the breed and characteristics of the tree, Robin decides whether they will make the collection.
After felling, the tree is taken to saw mills where it is sliced into the appropriate thickness for use in furniture.
The sliced tree is then placed in storage for at least 3 years to ‘air dry’ (most trees will remain here upwards of 5 years).  During this process, each plank is separated and treated for any possible diseases and pests. The large boards are then returned to their tree in the order they were sliced at the saw mill, trees are then placed on top of each other in a rotation system, (this weight flattens and straightens each board).
Once the trees are suitably dry, they are taken to the custom built kiln which removes any excess core moisture. Trees will sometimes remain here for up to a year.
If wood which has not been through this time consuming process is worked upon, it will warp, bend and break upon entering a home.
Finally, Robin checks each board for moisture, deviance across the plank and the characteristics of the wood, this leads to the important decision of where and how that piece will be used. This lengthy process allows Robin to create the beautiful objects which are synonymous with WildWood Scotland.