Hangings and Wall Art

Wood’s ability to assimilate nature features throughout the sculpture of Robin Runciman. It is a material which allows us to develop a closeness and sensory experience like few others. Its many affordances are limited only by the individual who works with it and are linked, inseparably, to human history.

‘Maple Leaf’
Sculpted from solid burr elm this piece is a truly marvelous work of art. The  lifelike leaf seems perpetually caught in the wind or falling to earth, quite a feat given its 6 foot span. Aside from the beauty of the finished and shaped solid burr, the skill of the added ‘skeleton’ and the attached ‘stalk’ turn this into a beautiful monument to honour a truly beautiful material.


Maple Leaf

Fully fitted and custom designed and installed, Robin drew on experiences during various holidays to create an impression of a cave. Complete with stalactites and stalagmites, the piece used materials such as bark and sawdust, which would normally be omitted.



‘Interlocking Shapes’
Tailored from different shades and shapes of Elm, a three dimensional wall hanging which reflects on nature.


Interlocking Shapes

A magnificent solid Elm wall hanging, shaped and smoothed to provide a sensory experience as well as a beautiful feature for a wall.



‘Hit Single’
A single sheet of elm ranging from unfinished through to shaped and polished. A personal commission which demonstrates incredible dexterity.


‘Hit Single’

Created as a gift, Robin found the shape of a seahorse within the grain of Elm, demonstrating his craftsmanship and his love of nature.