Coffee Tables

Burr Elm Coffee Tables

These tables display a full spectrum of the properties of wood; the uniform flow of the grain, the depth of each burr, finished with the rugged exterior of a live edge.

‘Terra’ Burr Elm Coffee Table
From the Latin for Earth or land, the solid elm table resembles Scotland’s neighbors south of the border, England and Wales.

'Terra' top

‘Terra’ top


‘Side of Salmon’ burr elm table
Banks of stunning burr highlight beautiful natural lines and loops, often referred to as ‘Side of Salmon’ by furniture makers.

'Side of Salmon' table

‘Side of Salmon’ table


‘Crotchet’ Burr Elm Table
The musical curves and burrs of this table combine to resemble a ‘Crotchet’ note.

'Crotchet' Elm table

‘Crotchet’ Elm table


Inlaid Burr Elm Coffee Tables

Detailing such as wooden ‘stitches’ or ‘inlays’ are sometimes added to a tabletop, taking cues from natural shapes or using familiar designs in unusual ways allowing Robin to mask or strengthen occasional imperfections within a sheet of wood.

‘Boondriech’ Coffee Table
This stunning table displays stitches and inlays inspired by the Beech trees of Boon Hill and the nearest river, the Boondriech.

'Boondriech' coffee table

‘Boondriech’ coffee table


‘Lintilea’ Coffee Table
Based on the original ‘Lintilea’ dining table.

'Lintilea' Coffee table top

‘Lintilea’ Coffee table top


Inlaid Trio Coffee Table
Inspired by his three sons, three inlays across the table feature three strips of different shades of elm.

Trio Coffee table side view

Trio Coffee table side view

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Jigsaw Coffee Table
A beautiful table top which was initially missing some pieces.

'Jigsaw' Coffee table

‘Jigsaw’ Coffee table

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Maple leaf Table with shelf
This exquisite piece of burr elm was complemented by an inlaid trio of maple leaves. Underneath the tabletop, Robin inset a seemingly floating shelf for added functionality – as requested by the customer.

Maple leaf table with shelf - decorative leaves

Maple leaf table with shelf – decorative leaves